Gweilo Collection

Reimagining the source of light as a sculpture

Denglong Collection

An elegant contrast of materials that make it a true standout

Aballs Collection

A sleek and modern luminaire ideal for various spaces.

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Made from luxurious materials like hand-blown glass, ceramic, aluminium, & more, one thing unites Parachilna's collection of suspension lights: the true craftsmanship required to bring each design to life.
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Infused with the personality of their designers, Parachilna's table lights serve as luminary guides to the person you wish to portray. Create an ambiance as unique as you are.
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Sculptural, timeless, and playful, Parachilna's collection of floor lights illuminates your space as well as your life.
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Wallflowers need not apply. Parachilna's collection of wall & ceiling lights add as much personality to a space as they do light.
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Concrete, metal, glass: durable outdoor materials skillfully integrated to serve double duty as both art objects and lighting for your terrace.
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Designed with integrity

Parachilna’s collections bring to life to new designs by spirited designers from around the world.

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In Australia you need four things to be considered a town: a phone box, a letterbox, a cash machine (a bank office in the old days), and a pub. Those four things are all that the town of Parachilna has today.

Making Gemo

See how PARACHILNA's glass blowers create Gemo's unique patterns. See more videos here.