Alex Josephson

"PARTISANS is participatory. Our intentions are earnest. Our enthusiasm, unblinking."

Alex Josephson is a co-founder of the Toronto-based award-winning and progressive architecture and design studio PARTISANS. He studied art and architecture at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and the University of Rome, where he also worked in the offices of Massimiliano Fuksas.

In 2011, Alex left the Architecture Association School in London, England to start PARTISANS.

PARTISANS is a movement. The design studio is composed of architects, thinkers, and cultural enthusiasts devoted to a cause: smart, beautiful, and provocative design. Their work tells stories - including architectural narratives that elicit counter-narratives. Stories that spring to life through spontaneous mutations and unexpected cracks. Beauty emerges when design misbehaves.

Alex Josephson's Gweilo Song Table Lamp for Parachilna

PARTISANS comprises of a team idealistic enough to behave in the political and poetical power of architecture. They also know that the best work emerges when you join forces with the best makers, doers, and clients - in other words, "partisans". They believe in listening, transmuting, and shooting for the sublime.


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