Marcio Kogan

"Jerry! is the materialization of our childhood memories, the hiding place of the lone inhabitant in eternal adventures."

Marcio Kogan is not only a film-maker and product designer, but the principle architect at Studio MK27. Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1950s with a modernist architect father, he gained inspiration from mid-century forms - and these themes would eventually develop a clear presence in his later work.

Kogan began his creative career in 1973, spending the next six years producing a series of short films which were received with strong critical acclaim. At this stage, Sao Paulo provided the perfect cinematic landscape to accompany his film-making background and architectural style.

Marcio Kogan's Jerry! Floor Lamp for Parachilna

His first major transition to architecture took place in 1977, when he designed his own Sao Paulo office - where Studio MK27 is still based to this day. In the decades that followed, Kogan became a prolific figure in the field - commissioning multiple high-profile works.

Kogan's approach to product design seems to build on his vast background as well. With the Jerry! design for Parachilna, he reinvents the domain of the classic cartoon mouse, creating a modern luminaire characterized with a layer of nostalgia.


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