Stranded in the outback

One day, for reasons we cannot mention, we found ourselves alone, in what could barely be called a town, on the edge of the Australian desert.

After years riding the great highs and inevitable lows of the lighting business together, we lamented what we saw as a great shame: the loss of luxury in our world. For us luxury is revealed when an idea is brought to life through artisanal craftsmanship using quality materials in a way that preserves the integrity of the original design.

Lost connections

That day in Parachilna, we lamented our disconnect from design along with our disconnect from viable means of transportation. Long ago Parachilna’s modest train connected to the great Ghan, an ancient railway whose name comes from the Afghan camel drivers that were brought to Australia to help explore the unknown desert in the 19th century.  

The mighty Ghan arrives

Today no train stops over but Parachilna’s old train station remains. The picture above shows two people waiting for a train that never stops. But they don't despair... and one day, against all odds, the train stops.

It was here where we decided to create PARACHILNA, a company dedicated to decorative lighting.

A tribute to passion

Like the ancient but mighty Ghan that connects travelers through 3,000km of Australia’s rugged wilderness, PARACHILNA would help us preserve the skills and knowledge of the few remaining metalsmiths, glass blowers, ceramicists, and other skilled craftsmen that still remain in Europe and, we hope, in other parts of the world.

Born from our love of luxury, PARACHILNA is a small tribute to faith and passion--and to those who, mighty like the Ghan, pick up passionate passengers like the two lost travellers in the picture.

Two passionate travellers

We trust that we will find kindred spirits in our pursuit of luxury, for our passion is to work with designers from every corner of the globe to bring luxurious lighting designs to life.